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Flexible Corporate Solutions

Corporate solutions

Are you interested in solutions of how you can combine coworking with your existing offices, then contact us. We have solutions both for working from different cities as well as having coworking space as a flexible solutions.

Our 10+ years of experience with flexible office solutions has made it possible for us to serve both smaller companies up to international corporates such as Facebook, Lindab, Evry, HCL, DXC, Sigma and many more. We are confident we can find a solutions that fit’s with your up-coming needs.

Having desks and memberships at Mindpark is both convenient and inspiring. Our award-winning coworking spaces are designed to make people happy and proud to be at the office. Here it is also easy to get exposed to new ideas, meet new people and take part in events and sharing of knowledge.

You can choose between 5, 10 and 20 desk options. There is also the option to fit a solution for your exact needs. Contact us for more options!

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