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Another (very different) year has passed, filled with both big and small changes. Here are some reflections, ups and downs from us. Enjoy!

Community och Coworking

Mindparks purpose is to create wonderful places where people and companies can meet to grow and evolve. In 2020 everyone was asked not to be at our workplace. So how can you create a wonderful place when people were not supposed to be there? We were simply forced to find other solutions. And we did! We created numerous online events such as our online Kafferep (coffee party) where you can hang out with your fellow Mindparkers over a cup of coffee. We did digital campfires at which we discussed how everyone was coping with the challenges they had to face due to Covid-19, online lectures, and of course our online Christmas Quiz!

But that was for the people that were not at Mindpark (and the ones who were). For the ones who were here (and you were quite many!), we had to create a safe environment. That meant hand sanitizers everywhere, talking to grown-ups about how to wash their hands, and cleaning everything more often than usual. Our breakfast was held outside in the sunny sun and so on. We always have had a lot of space at Mindpark so we never really felt unsafe. But we have really missed the energy that occurs when a lot of people are at the same place and it has been very empty periodically. We long for all of our co-workers to be here again as they usually are.

The perks of doing all things online are that it’s easier to create a feeling of unity between our four Mindparks. YES! You heard it, this year we opened the doors to our fourth Mindpark in the heart of Malmö, at Slagthuset. An amazing place next to Internet stiftelsens Goto10. We even grew a little bit bigger in Helsingborg when 17 new offices were built and ready for some new co-workers in April.

We happen to be our co-workers biggest fans and during this year we have had three amazing interns making short films about them and their companies. A few of our co-workers also made digital lectures which we are happy to share!

Our concept Mindpark GO has continued during the year. We think it is very fun and exciting that we are able to give back to start-ups and give them a context to grow in. This year we’ve had six different people join this concept and it has been so rewarding!

And if you have not been to Mindpark have a look at this film and get a hint of the place.


Even though this year has been full of cancellations we still managed to make a few events happen where people actually got to meet (not just online).

We did a crash course for entrepreneurs in the cultural and creative field that received great reviews from the participants. 4 out of 5 times here at Mindpark (with a distance of course) and the 5th time we went digital.

We also did a series of films together with Caroline Troedsson and with support from Action Helsingborg about coping with Covid-19 in the cultural business.

There have been exhibitions by various artists this year – five to be exact.

GROW Invest was originally planned to be held during May but we pretty soon realized that was not going to happen. So we choose to move it a few months and eventually went through with the event in September. The event was a hybrid between real life and online. We had 49 people at the conference and a whole lot more with us online watching it live and participating. After several months without physical meetings and events, it felt fantastic to meet again and a lot of the participants said “I have really missed this”. The event was held together with E-Commerce Park with support from Helsingborgs Handelsförening. Watch videos from the event here!


The café has indeed had a struggle during 2020. The majority of our neighbors in the building have been working from home and the students at the university have switched to distance learning. Resulting in us not having as many customers as we are used to. To engage those who have been here (and making them stay a bit longer) we started puzzling and so far we have finished four 1000 piece puzzles. And to all of you who have been here – you have no idea how much we have appreciated making your cappuccinos and having your company.


As you might have guessed by now our conference and meeting activities have also suffered greatly from the recommendations that Covid-19 entailed. It was like someone pulled a plug in March and the cancellations came crashing down on us. Although there were still a few who chose to have their meetings at ours (which we are very thankful for). Then September and October came and we had an amazing time! There were a lot more bookings and it almost felt like normal again. But when the second wave hit during the last week of October everything stopped completely. To us who have worked tirelessly to make every meeting safe in spacious meeting rooms, it feels a bit unfair sometimes. But people’s safety and health are of course the number one priority. We sure do look forward to welcoming you again soon though!

On a happier note, the renovation of our meeting rooms that we did last year received raving reviews! We even have a new room called Workshop-rummet that is just waiting for you to return.


We have been trying to keep our mood up with some silliness, well what else can you do? In times when everything sometimes felt a bit dark, we met it with humor and we always tried to have fun with a dance, a crazy film, or just by celebrating the small things. This year we welcomed Mary to be our new event manager for Open Space. Two of our colleagues became parents and we are super happy about our two little Mindpark babies! <3


Coffee sold in the café during 2020:
Standard Latte: 788 st
Cappuccino: 801 st
Filtered coffee: 4995 st

About 400 new people decided to follow us on Instagram this year, we now have 1600 followers watching our very serious (and often super silly) posts and instastories.


So yes, it has been a pretty strange year. But we will stay positive, silly, and fun and we will keep on making Mindpark a great place for people and businesses. And we do so much look forward to meeting you back here again… soooon!

If you want to read our report from last year you can find it here.

See you around in this new amazing year of 2021!

/ the Mindpark Helsingborg Crew