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With so many innovative companies across industries that we meet at Mindpark, we like to take a moment to introduce some of them directly to our community. This time, we’ve spoken with Anders Wellgiven, founder of TrackInvent, an innovative product design company who has made headlines with their flagship product Albedo 100.

TrackInvent: on a mission to save lives

In case you’re one of the few who hasn’t seen their viral video that went around in late 2015, early 2016, Albedo 100 is a line of reflective sprays, meant to illuminate bikers, walkers, runners, children, and animals at night. The reflective sprays, which adhere to textiles and fur, come in washable, permanent, industrial, and animal-safe versions.

With the aim to solve a problem of the hundreds of thousands of pedestrian/vehicle related deaths each year, most of which happen after dark, Albedo 100 quickly rose in demand and popularity after it was first produced in 2013. Today, the product is sold in over 20 different countries, including Spain, France, the United States, and Japan.

Moving into Mindpark: the melting pot for entrepreneurs

TrackInvent had previously been sitting at Minc in Malmö, and moved their office into Mindpark last year. For them, moving to the creative space here in Helsingborg felt like a natural option, with Mindpark being the startup hub and entrepreneurial and coworking center of the area.

Since we just recently discussed the benefits of using coworking spaces, we asked Anders about TrackInvent, and what he thought about the advantages of renting an office at Mindpark rather than a traditional office.

Anders echoed some of the other tenants we spoke to last month when he said the greatest advantage is “the social aspect and getting in touch with creative and entrepreneurial people. What I like with Mindpark is the social aspect. Being in a creative environment with other small companies, enabling spontaneous meetings.”

What the future holds: more work and a little play

And as TrackInvent will continue to develop new products alongside Albedo 100, we imagine being in a creative environment may help to inspire new ideas. So what is the best part of working with TrackInvent and a product such as Albedo 100? Anders says “the best part with working with reflective products is that for each product we distribute we potentially help save lives.”

Helping save lives is no small feat, so does the TrackInvent team have any spare time for fun? “For fun we like to take a bike ride in the beautiful area of Helsingborg, (always covered with Albedo100 for maximum road safety of course)” said Anders.
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