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Big things are happening at Mindpark and CreativeLab!

TL;DR: CreativeLab as an eventspace is renamed to THINK Open Space, but CreativeLab will continue to exists as the hackerspace and maker commnuity, and more focus on it’s OpenLab activities.

Mindpark has always been a place of change. The last year we have been working together with the municipality and city of Helsingborg, to create a great space for creative events and happenings. To build on what started as CreativeLab, and make it permanent and better. This cooperation is finally becoming a reality, starting on September 20 this year. The muncipality is financing the new creative and culture meeting spot in Helsingborg. It’s gonna be located at the first floor of Mindpark. The place is called THINK Open Space and is open to all inhabitants of Helsingborg. The goal is to make Helsingborg more fun, sparkling and succesful with entreprenurship and creativity as our tools. At THINK Open Space you will find events with startup focus, creative hackathons and local initiatives. The space will open with a huge party on September 20 and everyonce is welcomed! You can find more information here.

How does this affect CreativeLab? Mindparks ground floor will continue to be a meeting space, just as it was before with CreativeLab. It will however be called THINK Open Space, and it will look a bit different. But it will still be open evening time (now during the fall it will be open both tuesdays and wednesday to 20.00). It is still going to host a creative workshop space, which will still be run by the same organisation that is CreativeLab. But all the events previously created by CreativeLab will now be organized thru THINK Open Space instead – we will be able to organize hackathons and workshops that could help CreativeLab to get new members and to learn new skills. CreativeLab is still gonna meet once a week and hopefully produce the event Framtidsrummet every summer.

Because THINK Open Space will be the new brand for all events, meetups and hackathons, CreativeLab’s Facebook page is being renamed to THINK Open Space and work as a marketing tool for all the events that are happing on the first floor of Mindpark. CreativeLab still have their Facebook group where the community can talk, inspirare and organize with eachother. CreativeLab also have a page at THINK Open Space webpage, just as other regular happenings here, such as Coder Dojo.

So, from now on:

  • If you want to host a meetup, event or anything, and need a good venue: welcome to host it at THINK Open Space
  • If you want to meet other likeminded creators and makers, welcome to use the CreativeLab room on our ground floor (still under construction, but moving in will happen the next couple of weeks).
  • If you want to participate in events that were at CreativeLab prevousily, such as CoderDojo, you will in the future find all info about them om the website.

If you have any questions let the Site Manager for THINK Open Space, Alexandra, know! Email her at or call her at +4672 360 93 14