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The 8th of April seven new startups joined THINKs accelerator program. For three months they will get the help they need to develop the companies further. But which startups joined THINKs first batch? What’s their story and dreams? Here you will get to meet the seven companies one by one and learn more about them. 



Trygghet Innovation

There is one word that describes Andreas Ring – safety. He’s been working as a police officer for several years but a part of him always wanted to do something else and use his entrepreneurial skills. In November 2014 he quit his job and relocated his family from Malmö to Ängelholm.

For some time Andreas had dreamed of creating something that could make people feel safer. His idea is to customize safety solutions through his startup, Trygghet Innovation. Right now the focus is a program that detects and prevent extremism, mainly for the public sector that works with youth.

THINK accelerator was a program that Andreas had known about for some years and seen a great potential in. It was therefore obvious for him to apply with his startup. He believes he can get the support and help to develop his idea at THINK. With the help he hopes to, in some years, be the natural choice for the public sector to prevent insecurity. But to get there he needs to face his biggest challenge, to priorities and take one thing at a time and not do everything at once.

Are you interested in knowing more or just want to follow his journey? Visit his homepage or like his Facebook page.