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Mindpark is home to numerous small and big companies – some of the brightest and most interesting business people and entrepreneurs in the region! Therefore we regularly interview some of our 80 companies and the people behind them, so that you can get to know them.

Magnus Jeppsson – Nufarm 
Where can we find Magnus? Look left as you come up the main staircase
Curiosity? His curling team managed to get silver medal in Div II south Sweden

What was your dream job when you were a child?
I am grown up on a farm in the very south east of Sweden. Nature, fishing and hunting did occupy the majority of my life. As a result of this, I think working within the area of sea or agriculture has always been a dream.

What’s your current assignment and how did you end up there?
My current assignment is to help an Australian company to establish itself as an important supplier to farmers in northern Europe (Iceland in the west and the Baltic countries in the east). I love to live in Helsingborg and North West of Skåne and have done so since late eighties. My priorities have always been to be able to do so in combination with an interesting job within agriculture. This fact in combination with my personal profile preferring new challenges and create new solutions have most probably brought me to what I am doing today.

Your role in the company? Describe the company and your service.
My role in the company is Country Regulatory Manager. Nufarm is a global company producing and selling seeds and plant protection products to farmers. The service we bring to the farmers is tools for them to produce quality food in a safe and sustainable way. In the broader perspective we are part of feeding the world with good food that everyone can afford.

What would you give for advice to yourself, that you learned through your entrepreneurial journey, if you’d started the company today instead?
I have not done any entrepreneurial journey in the perspective of starting a new/own company but I think the base in any innovative business that will be sustainable is that one believe in and have realistic objectives. A high knowledge/interest (engagement) about the business area is also very

What do you think you’re doing in 5 years? Where do you want your business to be in 5 years?
My goal is to be part of supporting farmers with tools/methods to produce good and healthy food for everyone in a sustainable way. Hopefully this will be in Nufarm, well established in North Europe and I am working out of Helsingborg.

Why did you wan’t to be a part of the Mindpark community?

I think the concept of Mindpark is the future way of working for small companies or small teams in bigger companies. From an environmental point of view people does not need to commute to long in order to gain all service an office need to provide. By using the technology available today in order to connect to colleagues in the specific company or cooperators the daily work easily can be managed. I am using chat / e-mail and web meetings to connect in my company. From a human point of view, I think it fulfills all our human needs to be part of a flock and meet people F2F during the day. It also connects one to the local community in a way that is positive (my personal experience to commuting to Copenhagen for many years). It also stimulates and hopefully develops connection in between people working in totally different disciplines. I have learned a lot and have had lot of use of the knowledge in other companies in Mindpark.

Do you need help with anything at the moment? Something that other companies at Mindpark can help you with.
I am looking for someone who has very good knowledge of Excel , I mean really good!

Which company at Mindpark would you like to know more about? That we can interview next?
Plug and Trade

If you wan’t to get in contact with Magnus or learn more about his company you can do that here.