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Mindpark is home to numerous small and big companies – some of the brightest and most interesting business people and entrepreneurs in this region! Therefore we regularly interview some of our 80 companies and the people behind them, so that you can get to know them. 

Nils Elmark – Inception Ltd. 
Where can we find Nils? Often in the middle of the white coworking section
Curiosity: He has translated a part of Völuspá – which is Scandinavia’s oldest poem and he has four lines tattooed on his left forearm.

What was your dream job when you were a child?
I dreamed of being a reporter like Tintin or be a detective like Sherlock Holmes. I was a curious boy who wanted to leave Copenhagen, go on adventures and solve great mysteries.

What’s your current assignment and how did you end up there?
Actually, I did become a journalist and I worked for 10 years as a newspaper reporter. Today, I am a consulting futurist working out of London and Helsingborg. In between, I have had three different companies, each becoming a steppingstone for the next, I taken a master degree in public relations at Stirling University in Scotland and written three books about future studies, humour in strategy and philosophical adventures in the starry night.

Your role in the company? Describe the company and your service.
I am CEO of a company called Incepcion (after the film) it’s in Kings Cross, where I operate a team of visionaries, who help executives dream like children again, re-imagine their business and formulate new visions. We give speeches and presentations about business trends and run strategy workshops across London and other European capitals.

What would you give for advice to yourself, that you learned through your entrepreneurial journey, if you’d started the company today instead?
I have started a new company each 7th year so I have had chances to take learning loops along my career as an entrepreneur. One thing that I have realized recently is that you can move faster forward that you think. Not by taking bigger steps but by taker more smaller and quicker steps.

What do you think you’re doing in 5 years? Where do you want your business to be in 5 years?
I have recently been appointed director of the London department of a small Danish business university. This means that I will do more teaching in the future. Which is wonderful. I like teaching. But I’ll still have my own business – Incepcion Ltd. – in five years. And if I have it my way it’ll have an international reputation within urban business development and financial services.

Why did you wan’t to be a part of the Mindpark community?     
When I am not in London I live in Helsingør with my family. Taking the ferry to work seemed an obvious thing to do. I understand the language, it’s only 20 minutes and 25 kroner away. After the first week in Mindpark I felt fully integrated amongst entrepreneurs like myself. I have worked in lots of co-working spaces in London – but Mindpark is the place I have felt the most welcome.

Do you need help with anything at the moment? Something that other companies at Mindpark can help you with.
I would like to get in touch with other futurists and strategy consultants here in Mindpark. We have to re- invent business consulting and make our trade new and exciting again. It think it would be awesome if the next big never-seen-before strategy concept grew out of Mindpark.

Which company at Mindpark would you like to know more about? That we can interview next?
Lina Weibull, Weibull Ord & Idé

If you wan’t to get in contact with Nils or learn more about his company you can do that here meanwhile his website is down for maintenance.