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Last summer two of our residence in the co-working community got an idea: that Helsingborg should have a hackerspace / makerspace! One of the two guys being myself, Karsten, who is behind Mindpark, the logical place was of course to have it downstairs in our open spaces. The name: CreativeLab!

Creating a Creative laboratory

The aim of CreativeLab was twofold: to build a makerspace, a ‘social garage’ where anyone could come and create stuff. And it was to host events, workshops and hackathons, for all those interested in those.

Now, one year after it’s start, the progress has been fantastic. CreativeLab reports over 100 events where hosted here during the first year. And all that, on a budget of less the 70 000 kr! The events include a wide mixture, both within areas such as tech, management and art/design.

Some examples of events:

  • CoderDojo, a workshop where kids aged 7-17 learn to code, which was held every tuesday and attracted 25 kids each week.
  • 5 larger hackathons, including the first 3D hack held in Sweden as well as an Educational Hackathon and a Code Clubbing event.
  • 24 lunchseminars, in collaboration with the THINK lean startup incubator, Media Talks and Social Media Club. These where all filmed, and can be watched here.
  • Many small workshops and events, on topics such as project management, coding, hardware hacking or sewing.

If you want further information, there is a long blogpost over at CreativeLabs homepage, in Swedish.