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We are proud to be one of the two places that Storbildsbolaget have chosen to host their current experimental 3D printing shop – a technology that lets anyone manufacture real objects in plastics, on-demand. 3D printing is still a new technology, something that we have tested ourselves in a smaller scale at the CreativeLab as well. However, Storbildsbolaget aims to make it bigger – and mainstream.

Their goal is simple. With some special high-grade 3D printing equipment, they have set up a temporary shop here at Mindpark, where anyone can stop by and ‘print’ models – anything from custom-made jewelry, toys or home-decoration, to architectural models for professional purposes.

“When we started with storbildsbolaget 15 years ago, nobody did large canvases printing or photo-wallpapers. Everyone thought we where nuts for buying equipment that could do large scale prints. Now it is as common as printing a poster. I see a similar window of opportunity with 3D printing – and it is in our nature to test that trend, and see if we can make it work.” says Storbildsbolaget’s CEO Jonas Hellke.

On-demand might be the future

Being able to print items on-demand and when needed is regarded by many as the next big thing that will transform society, the same way the Internet has done. DI Weekend recently wrote about this new industry, and The Economist did already last fall have a whole special section focused on 3D printing. For this reason, we are very excited to be part of the movement.

The 3D printing shop will be open here at Mindpark in the CreativeLab section on the bottom-floor, Tuesdays from 10.00 – 20.00. It will be part of the OpenLab concept here on tuesdays. The testperiod is planned for two months, after that it will be evaluated given the feedback and usage. The 3D printing shop has already been trial-run during the last two weeks, and the response has been positiv:

“We have already seen a larger then expected interest from the public, even though we have not even announced anything official yet. We look forward to how it will evolve in next upcoming two months.” says David Degbor, the project-lead for the shop.

Stop by and visit the shop on upcoming tuesdays, or check out their website or stop by the Väla shop, which is open on selected weekends!.