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What is Mindpark?

Creative coworking, conference, and event spaces

Mindpark is a number of creative coworking and event spaces located in the southern parts of Sweden. We are home to numerous small and big companies, great events, and inspiring meetings and have been so since 2008. Believe it or not, but that makes us one of the first coworking spaces in Sweden!

At all of Mindspark’s coworking spaces, the residents take advantage of each other’s skills and networks. The coworking community is highly collaborative and leads to new concepts and contacts. They work individually, together and across disciplines. Here you can meet some of the brightest and most interesting business people and entrepreneurs in this region. 

Our vision is to create the ideal platform and space for ideas to grow, people to thrive and entrepreneurs to develop their businesses.

Mindpark Helsingborg

Mindpark Helsingborg is located in the old Tretorn factory. Our 2500 sqm facilities include a coworking space, multiple conferences, and meeting rooms, event areas. Open Space hosts to more than 200 events every year and our café serves delicious coffee.


Over the years, we have gotten numerous awards and nominations!

One of 11 most exotic coworking spaces in the World 2014

Mindpark Helsingborg were the only coworking space in Europe to be on this list, thanks to our unique and ahead of time design and ambience. Being listed here meant a lot for us and that we had a truly unique space. Read more.

Best coworking in the Nordics 2019

December 2019 Mindpark was awarded the best coworking in the Nordics, by Nordic Startup Awards. This is an award chosen both by a jury and by votes, which makes us very happy. Read more.

Members Choice Awards 2019

The international site coworker.com has selected Mindpark Helsingborg in the Member Choice Awards Winner in 2019. An award based on what people think about a space, and which we could only win thank’s to our fantastic community. Read more.

Helsingborg Stad – Business Star 2019

We got a reward from the City of Helsingborg. This was their motivation “Few have in the same way inspired creative meetings, business and experiences as the crew behind the concept that now sends out satellites in other cities. With you at Mindpark, entrepreneurs, start-ups, students, children, culture, doers – people meet. For us, you are the best example of what a Business Star is.” Read more.

Helsingborgs Most Popular Coworking Space 2019

At the end of 2019 we were also awarded as best coworking space in Helsingborg, from the site coworkingplatser.se, that lists coworking in different cities depending on what users and coworkers think about them.

Being a responsible company

Here at Mindpark Helsingborg we do our best to help startups and entrepreneurs in the Øresund region. Most of our lectures, workshops, and events at Mindpark are free and open to the public, an important way for us to share knowledge and learn from the community. You can read more about that in our Code Of Conduct

Besides our entrepreneurial engagement, we donate food and clothes on a regular basis to help an organization for homeless people. We also switched in 2010 to fairtrade-only ingredients in our coffee, tea, sugar, fruit and most of our chocolate. We also participated in the Business Against Ebola cause, donating to Doctors Without Borders and we are “business hero” supporting the organization Nyföretagarcentrum in Helsingborg. Since September 2018 we serve vegetarian fika and food as a standard option.

Our venues are adapted for wheelchairs.

Social responsibility

Our goal is to reduce our CO2 emissions by 7% every eyar. In order for the world to reach the standards set by the Paris Agreement, we need to reduce our emissions by 7% annually. Therefore, the goal should be to reduce Mindparks climate footprint by the same amount. We check our progress to meet these goals by calculating our CO2 emissions at least once per year. You can read more about our enviromental and sustainability work here.

Mindparks design

Mindpark collaborates with Superlab to create our unique interior design. Superlab is an experimental design laboratory with the main goal to study the future workplace and the furniture design of tomorrow.


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Mindpark Helsingborg is a part of Mindpark Group AB.

Mindpark Malmö Hyllie

Mindpark Malmö Hyllie is located in the new city and business district Hyllie, Malmö. Our coworking space is home to several companies in a variety of fields. We have seven meeting rooms and event spaces, a bistro, and a magnificent roof terrace.

Mindpark Lund

Mindpark Lund is located in the city center of Lund, 4 min walk from Lund C. Here you will find a creative cluster of companies and entrepreneurs. The focus in Lund is on coworking but it’s also possible to book meeting rooms and host events.

Mindpark Malmö Central

Mindpark Malmö Central is located in the city center of Malmö, 2 min walk from Malmö C. Here you will find a creative cluster of companies and entrepreneurs. And Internetstiftelsens Goto10 

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