Mindpark Helsingborg is located in the old Tretorn factory and home to 75 companies. We have eight inspiring conference rooms, with room for up to 90 people. Open Space is host to more than 200 events every year and our café serves delicious coffee.

About Mindpark Helsingborg

Welcome to Mindpark Helsingborg!

We are so happy to have you here! Come work with us at our coworking space, have a meeting in one of our meeting rooms, host a really cool event or just chill in our café with a really good cup of coffee!

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Inspiring office space or the perfect venue for your next conference? See below!

Are you looking for a new office?

At our coworking space you can focus on your work, we will handle everything else. Meet inspiring people, companies, and share ideas.

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Or do you need a venue for your next meeting?

We want you to have meetings in a functional, great and inspiring environment. A combination that we believe leads to better results!

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Every week! StartupLabs

From 8:00-17:00 every weekday! StartupLabs is a: --> Meeting point for very early stage startups. --> For people to join an accelerator after spending some time in the StartupLabs --> Meet with other entrepreneurs and get to know the community. (This is a collaboration between THINK Accelerate, E-Commerce Park, VentureLab, THINK Open Space and NyföretagarCentrum)

Vad vet du om ditt inomhusklimat? Lindab workshop: Skåne Innovation Week

Vet du hur ditt inomhusklimat är? Vi tillbringar 90% av vår tid inomhus. Men vet du hur inomhusklimatet egentligen är? Seminariet belyser hur viktigt ett bra inomhusklimat är för hälsan och hur du presterar. Vi tillbringar 90% av vår tid inomhus. Seminariet belyser hur viktigt ett bra inomhusklimat är för hälsan och hur du presterar. Dels presenteras fakta från studier, dels tips vad du kan tänka på och även vilka krav du skall ställa på ett bra ventilations-/inomhusklimatsystem som skapar ett hållbart inomhusklimat. Anmäl dig här!  Mer info hittar du här

WHAT IF... - Strategic Design & Innovation - Skåne Innovation Week

[Skåne Innovation Week] Start the day with breakfast and learn more about strategic design and how it can be used to create innovative products, differentiate your market offer and add value to your customers. What if… is an excellent phrase for opening up new perspectives! Industrial designer Marie Nilsson from Öresund Strategy & Design talks about how you can shift perspectives and increase your innovation power through a strategic, user-centered and sustainable mindset. More info here. 

Visionsfonden Open Desk @ THINK Open Space

Book a meeting with Semra at > Semra.Redzepagic@helsingborg.se <
If you have an idea that in some way are developing the future of Helsingborg, Visionsfonden is the place to go for support and grants! What do you think is the next step for Helsingborg? What do you want to do to make the visions of 2035 come true? The city needs you!

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