GROW Invest

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During the last few years, a lot of strong initiatives around entrepreneurship have emerged from the different industries found in Helsingborg. We want to highlight the multifaceted and interesting mixture of industries that thrive in this wonderful region.

This is why we created Grow Invest, a collaborative gathering focused on investors’ shared knowledge and building long-term relationships. The event welcomes investors and key players in the Swedish growth scene that will gain valuable insight into what is happening in this part of the country.

Grow Invest 2021 highlights

Grow Invest 2021 received +150 people filled with all sorts of energizing and inspiring discussions among panel members and participants at the Clarion Hotel Sea U. The first panel “Exploring how to invest in different fields” was a super interesting discussion between panel members Claes Mikko Nilsen (Deep Tech), Sïmon Saneback (SaaS & E-com), and Mattias Tyrberg (Crypto Investments); moderated by Peggy Poon.

The second panel “What is sustainable (impact) investing” was a mind-opening and energizing discussion between panel members Heidi Lindvall (Climate tech investing), Magnus Alfredsson (Sustainable investing), and Karsten Deppert (Entrepreneuring); moderated by Nino Subotic.

The third and final panel “Global or local investing” challenged the different views and perspectives of the panel members Mette Gross (Local investment), Alexander Viterbo-Horten (VC Firm), and Andrus Oks (Early global investment); moderated by Liselott Ladding.

We want to give an extra special thanks to all the team at Mindpark that made this possible with the collaboration of Skåne Startups, E-Commerce Park of Sweden, Hetch, Connect Sverige, and Loop. And of course, with lots of love and support from Helsingborgs Handelsförening, Advokatfirman Vinge, Bakertilly, and Contentor.

Find the audio recordings of the panels in our youtube playlist Grow Invest 2021

GROW invest 2020 - The Panels

Watch the three 35 minutes panels of GROW invest 2020!

Listing in the stock exchange vs. VC investment

Listing in the stock exchange vs. VC investment

Sara Rywe – byFounders
Alexander Viterbo-Horten – Preseed Ventures
Ulf Rogius Svensson – Crunchfish
Moderated by:  Vala Zulfiu – Skåne Startups

There are different ways to finance your startup. Venture Capital is just one way to go. IPO another. In this panel, the panel members share their thoughts on the ever-changing investment landscape, from their perspectives.

Impact Investment vs. High Returns

Impact Investment vs. High Returns

Ann-Sofie Hörlin – Almi Invest
Sami Nemi – SpinTop Ventures
Annelie Näs – Näs Investment 
Michael Reibel Boesen – Massive.Earth
On film: Sara Wimmercrantz – Backing minds
Moderated by:  Karsten Deppert

Why do people really invest in Startups? What drives people to choose which companies they do? What drives people to invest from the start?  Is it all ’bout the money? Or, all ’bout the dadadodidido?

 In the aftermath of Covid-19: What about our future?

In the aftermath of Covid-19: What about our future?

David Nilsson Sträng – Hetch / Loop Capital 
Liselott Landing – Landing
Klas Hjort – Relog/ LTH 
Moderated by:  Zenia Worm Francker – The Creators Community

A pandemic took us all by storm closing down companies and putting people out of jobs. So, what happens now? By looking backwards, to former crises we will discuss what will happen in the future

To the film!


Bredgatan 11, Helsingborg

Mindpark Helsingborg is located in the old Tretorn factory and home to around 75 companies. We have eight inspiring meeting and conference rooms. The Open Space, open for everyone, is host to more than 200 events every year and here you can sit down work, relax and enjoy the delicious coffee from our café.  In 2014 Mindpark Helsingborg was selected one of the 11 most exotic coworking places in the world, being the only one in Europe.


Bytaregränd, Lund

Mindpark Lund is located in the city center, close to the Central Station. Here you find a coworking space divided into different buildings around an alley, creating a creative cluster of companies and entrepreneurs. In the middle of the alley, you’ll find our lounge with great coffee, smaller meeting rooms, and event space.

Malmö Central

Carlsgatan 12A, Malmö

Mindpark Malmö Central in the city is our newest venue, which opened in September 2020 next to the central station. Mindpark Malmö is an essential part of the coworking scene in Malmö. Here we will offer coworking areas with desks and offices, meeting and conference rooms, events together with Goto10, and a café.

Malmö Hyllie

Hyllie Boulevard 35, Malmö

Mindpark Malmö Hyllie is located in the new city and business district Hyllie. In our coworking space, we accommodate several companies. You find seven meeting and conference rooms, a bistro where you can sit and enjoy a healthy lunch or grab a coffee while working. Here’s also a magnificent roof terrace overlooking the Øresund Bridge. The building is the first one to be WELL certified in Sweden.