You may have heard the term before, but if you’re not working in the technology industry, you are probably wondering: What is a hackathon? Hackathons bring people together, with a technical background to solve a problem or develop new ideas by forming teams on site.

Meaning of hackathon?

A hackathon means that programmers meet for a short time to collaborate on a project. Although, it may not result in a ready-to-use product, it is an effective way to develop one or more concepts that seem promising. It is also a good opportunity for the participants to exchange experiences and a good opportunity to make new contacts.

What do you do at a hackathon?

It usually starts with a pitch where you present your idea you want to complete. It will be the starting point of the hackathon and also an introduction for all participants.

The most important part of the hackathon is, of course, the hacking itself. To “hack” something means that you have to be creative and innovative to find shortcuts and reach the goals, preferably with a personal “twist”. It requires that the participants have an open mind and a strong knowledge about the subject as hackathons is an intellectual challenge,. Working together in a team with individuals with different backgrounds therefore creates the best conditions for a good hackathon.

All hackathons end with a demo as the purpose is to build something in a short time. You want to test the idea, implement a change of some kind or just show how good you are at something.

Three benefits of participating in a hackathon

  • Participation is a fantastic learning experience and offers a unique chance to build a large network
  • The opportunity to meet other programmers and to expand their IT-skills, is also very educational.
  • Company hackathons encourage employees to innovate, promote team building and provide opportunities for collaboration between their own departments

Our venues

Mindpark have over the years been home to many different events and hackathons. We are happy to host events that help people connect and new innovations to take form.

We offer both smaller rooms that teams can use, as well as bigger venues for gathering all participants. And of course – we offer a great creative atmosphere, out of the ordinary!

If you’re interested in hosting a hackathon, please let us know.

Also, if you would like to read more about our amazing hackathons at Mindpark, see below.