Simply Draw it Big

We’re your number one Live Scribing agency in Sweden and Europe. Innovating the field of graphic recording to keep your events and workshops meaningful. Impress and lead as we draw live, making sense of words turning them into visual landscapes for your participants. Ideas and complex topics should be easy to understand. People, organisations and businesses need help to communicate what really matters in an efficient way. Save time. Save money. That’s why we visualise. For you. You’ll need us (for example) when it’s time for:

1. That special customer or networking event


2. The monthly strategy meeting and several departments are involved.

Meetings and development workshops can be more efficient and fun both during and after. Forget about post-it notes getting lost or boring protocols. Get everyone on the same picture and make sure everyone has the same understanding by making it visual, simple, big and beautiful. After, you’ll have a grand wall or digital drawings to reference back to. It increases team spirit and feeling of actually being part of the development.

As we do this for a living, we can support your development projects, decision making process, events or presentations.

We draw while you / the team talk. We create clear, simple, beautiful and long lasting memories.

Get in touch today to learn more: mina@simplydrawitbig.com  +46735012155