Manifesto is the premier Place Development Agency in Sweden. We brand places, cities and destinations. Our core business is to develop brand strategies, design identities and come up with names (Mindpark for example). Furthermore, we design meeting points, hot spots etc.

Our work results in population growth, business establishment, better recruitment, increased tourism, among other things. Social sustainability plays a major part in what we do. To make better places we have created our own CSR concept: Creating Social Return. It works just as well for workplaces.

Some places we have worked with in the past: Copenhagen Malmö Port, Denmark, Landskrona and Söderhamn, to name but a few. Our design clients include Regeringskansliet (Government Offices), Handelshögskolan (Stockholm School of Economics) and Svenska designpriset (we designed the Swedish Design Award).

We are frequent lecturers, lecturing from Umeå to Majorca. We have published four books, so far. If you take an interest in place branding, feel free to download our latest effort, Wegoism: How places and brands get super powers when everyone plays hero roles (2018). Swedish only, mind you.

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