Lunicore Studentkonsult is a limited company driven by students. We provide comprehensive
and cost-effective consulting services to businesses, organisations and the public sector.
Therefore, we are the most direct link between academia and the business world.

Our consultants come from more than 40 different educational areas, which is the main reason
to why we constantly get the feedback that our approaches are both innovative and representing
the latest insights from the academic world. Moreover, we always strive for making our
consultant teams as diverse as achievable. The opportunity to mix educational areas creates new
solutions for you and your company, as our team can analyse problems from different
perspectives. Everything to make your project as interesting and meaningful as possible.

In short, Lunicore’s mission is to build a bridge between the students at Lund University and the
business world in southern Sweden, and our vision to contribute to a more rethinking and
innovative region. With equal measures of ingenuity and professionalism, Lunicore is
consistently able to surpass client expectations by utilising both the best students and the latest
insights from Lund University.

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