Cowork-away: Hamburg 26 – 29 April 2020

This is a city trip: enjoy Hamburg, and get away from your normal surroundings. Take a week to focus on what you want to do – and enjoy the options of a bigger city around you.

The location is a larger flat, where you can spend the day working on what you feel is valuable. We will also have the option of visiting coworking spaces in Hamburg and hang out there, or just work from different nice cafées.

The apartment that will be home during this week is not in the city center. This means this is not a perfect trip if you want to be a tourist for one week, and explore as much as possible, as the location is not the best suited for that. Instead it is a week to focus on what you want, and maybe enjoy a couple of different places as well, or having one day of touring the city or so.

This trip will not have a set agenda or plan for everyone. Instead everyone is free to do what they please. However, there will be options daily of eating together, and most evening meals will be at different lovely restaurants.

This trip will be up to 8 participants.

Included in the trip

The cost is 3500 kr for shared room, 4500 kr for single room, for the entire stay.

Does this sound like something for you? Then apply below!

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