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Change of environments is a good way to get focused. Collaborating with others will give you new perspectives. Why not combine it we thought! Some call it a workation, some a work- away – we called it a cowork-away!

We are basically gathering people at different destinations. So why don’t you join us, coworking and co-living for a short period of time, at an interesting destination!

So where do we go next?


All of these events are part of the cowork-away series. We will be at different locations, both close to nature and in cities. The aim is to be a smaller group, in coworking and coliving for a limited time, in a unique setting. The destinations will be all over Europe, but with the criteria to be train-travel friendly with Sweden as a starting point, to minimize environmental impact.



8 – 12 Januari 2022

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6 – 10 April 2022

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Visby / Almedalen

Visby / Almedalen

3 – 7 july

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Previous trips

These are the coworkaways that we made in the past.



This trip where to the north of Sweden, to the rural area of Ånn by Ånnsjön.

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Visby Almedalen

Visby Almedalen

30 June – 7 July 2019

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Bredgatan 11, Helsingborg

Mindpark Helsingborg is located in the old Tretorn factory and home to around 75 companies. We have eight inspiring meeting and conference rooms. The Open Space, open for everyone, is host to more than 200 events every year and here you can sit down work, relax and enjoy the delicious coffee from our café.  In 2014 Mindpark Helsingborg was selected one of the 11 most exotic coworking places in the world, being the only one in Europe.


Bytaregränd, Lund

Mindpark Lund is located in the city center, close to the Central Station. Here you find a coworking space divided into different buildings around an alley, creating a creative cluster of companies and entrepreneurs. In the middle of the alley, you’ll find our lounge with great coffee, smaller meeting rooms, and event space.

Malmö Central

Carlsgatan 12A, Malmö

Mindpark Malmö Central in the city is our newest venue, which opened in September 2020 next to the central station. Mindpark Malmö is an essential part of the coworking scene in Malmö. Here we will offer coworking areas with desks and offices, meeting and conference rooms, events together with Goto10, and a café.

Malmö Hyllie

Hyllie Boulevard 35, Malmö

Mindpark Malmö Hyllie is located in the new city and business district Hyllie. In our coworking space, we accommodate several companies. You find seven meeting and conference rooms, a bistro where you can sit and enjoy a healthy lunch or grab a coffee while working. Here’s also a magnificent roof terrace overlooking the Øresund Bridge. The building is the first one to be WELL certified in Sweden.


Mindpark is a part of Mindpark Group AB. For general inquiries or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

We are proud to have been the home of a lot of exciting companies in all kind of fields, such as Wellbefy, Backtick Technologies, Rscued, Inception, Ridgeback, Nybryggt and many more.

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