Camp Ven

Camp Ven is over for this time. Thanks everyone for attending!


“Thank you so much!!! Such a great mix of people!”
Maria Richardsson, CEO @ Nordic Design Collective

“Thanks to the crew for an amazing event and everyone attending for a memorable weekend at the island!”
Hjalmar Antonsson, CEO @ Dotkeeper

“ Thanks Karsten and the rest of the people organizing this. It was beautiful!”
Paul Cronholm, CTO @ Crunchfish

During the summer we invited 50 entrepreneurs to be a part of an unconference on the beautiful and exotic island Ven. We wanted to give the startup community an extraordinary event and a summer camp with entrepreneurial minds from the community and beyond. Ven is not that far away but still gives you a feeling of vacation mode. The island is a historic place for innovative thoughts about the future, where today’s world image was painted by Tycho Brahe. Now we continue the story and meet to create a new future together. You can read more about Ven here.

The idea is simple – a group of inspiring, entrepreneurial souls come together during some days in August to hold an unconference, hang out and network. The aim is to build interesting, fulfilling personal and professional relationships.

A couple of days surrounded by like-minded, driven and creative individuals in a relaxed, stimulating environment!

The event will during the days be mainly an unconference where all the participators set the agenda. There will be a grid where anyone can claim a spot, with parallel session at different “rooms” (if good weather most will be outdoors). Any can hold any session, and it can be about anything, and in any form – a talk, a discussion, workshop or maybe just a question you want others opinion about. The grid will first be available at location.

Note that there will be very limited with technical possibilities, such as beamers and flipcharts. We try to manage without. There will be internet (wifi).

This is how the schedule look for now:

Wednesday 16th
14.15 Departure with the ferry from Landskrona to Ven
15.00 Welcome & fika
16.00 Welcome and mental check-in
18.30 Tour around the island
19.30 Dinner at Strandkrogen

Thursday 17th
7.30 – 9:00 Breakfast
09.30 Unconference pt.1
11.00 Unconference pt.2
12.30 Lunch
13.45 Unconference pt.3
15.00 Unconference pt.4
17.00 Individual exploration of Ven by tandem bike!
20.00 Dinner at Strandkrogen

Friday 18th
8.30-10.00 Breakfast and check-out
10.00 Unconference pt.5
11.30 Unconference pt.6
13.00 Lunch and wrap-up
15.00 Departure with the ferry to Landskrona

Where: Ven – an island that lies in the middle of Øresund strait

When: August. Wednesday 16th – Friday 18th

How: Order you ticket by visiting our event page at Eventbrite

We hope to see you in August!

/ Rebecka Nilsson (Mindpark), Karsten Deppert (Mindpark), Michael Bak (#CPHFTW), Taru Ryske (ArcticStartup), Helene Tigerström (Mindpark),
Jeremie Poirier (Malmö Startups) & Amelie Lidén (e-commerce park)

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This event is made possible with support and love from
? Landskrona Stad, Rosholm Dell and Camp Ven ?