A Sustainable Tomorrow @ Mindpark

Skånes first true sustainability hub

Welcome to the first true Sustainability Hub in Skåne!

A place to meet, engage and connect around the complex and important topic sustainability. Together is the way we create a more sustainable tomorrow.

”We see this as an important ”call to action” as we are now halfway to 2030 and more cross-border collaborations are needed to achieve the sustainability goals,”

Bo Nilsson, founder A Sustainable Tomorrow

”To offer a place where people with the same interest can meet every day. This region is truly remarkable when it comes to sustainability, and we want to help others realize that.”

Karsten Deppert, co-founder Mindpark

”For us it was obvious to become one of the first members of the sustainability hub. Hållbar Helsingborg and Mindpark share the same vision, values and how we work with co-creation.”

Terése Bergsten, Hållbart Helsingborg

Who is this place for?

The sustainability hub is a place for you who:

  • Have a high engagement in sustainablity, wether at work or besides work.
  • Like to connect with other similar peers.
  • Like to participate in events to learn from others, and be inspired by other achievements.
  • Like to find hope and encouragement in your sustainability work.
  • Like to be a part of affecting policy and decision makers, to move the world towards the right direction.

AST Hubb: Helsingborgs stad och Mindpark

15 september 9.00-13.00

Mindpark, Helsingborg

Kom och ta del av nordens största digiloga hållbarhetskonferens med oss!

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           Eftersnack efter             A Sustainable Tomorrow

15 september 16.00-19.00

Mindpark, Helsingborg

Prata om intryck från dagen och träffa andra intressanta människor.

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    IDG Business Hub Malmö

8 november 15.00-17.00

Mindpark, Malmö Hyllie

Tema: Relating.

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