About us


This is Mindpark

Mindpark has grown out of a passion to support growth of the local business community. We started in 2009 and have since then continually been learning and growing together with the community.

Our philosophy is to focus on the individuals that are a part of Mindpark and we aim to create workspaces where our community can thrive and do epic things. Our community is our biggest asset and we love to see how it evolves continuously.

Our coworkers benefit from each other’s skills and networks and that creates a highly collaborative community where we constantly see how new ideas, concepts and contacts are established. Simply put, we believe that it is in the interaction between people where the magic happens and at Mindpark you will meet some of the brightest and most interesting people in the region. And that is a really great thing for both individuals and businesses.

Last but not least we like to go that extra mile to create a great experience for all our coworkers and guests. We are genuinely committed to creating the best workspaces in Sweden. By caring and sharing, by being flexible and by having fun. We all share the goal of creating and contributing to a playful and inspirational atmosphere which is the core values that gives the vibrant yet relaxed workspace that is Mindpark.