Wednesday 1/6/22, 06:36

Summer office!

Ah, summer. The perfect time to start your new project, or maybe you are visiting Skåne and want to get work done, while also being on vacation with your family? For these, or any other reasons, we have a special deal – our summer office concept!

It is rather simple: You get a desk at any of our spaces for all of june, july and august, for the really good price 1500 kr for the entire period!

What is included?

– Coffee and tea – as much as you can drink!
– Access to height-adjustable desks and ergonomic chairs so that you can work comfortable
– Access to all our Mindpark sites in Helsingborg, Lund & Malmö.
– Free access to meeting and conference rooms if booked the same day
– 30% off meeting and conference rooms whenever if you need to book in advance.
– Wifi – high speed of course
– Becoming a part of our community
– Practical stuff such as: Locker, Printer (GDPR secure), Phone booths, and more…

Does this sound like something for you? Get in touch!

Email the place you want to be at the most, and get started!

Malmö Central:
Malmö Hyllie:

This is an offer for anyone new to Mindpark or Skåne, and who has not the pleasure of being a part of our hubs normally.

All prices are excluding VAT.

We know the feeling!