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Initiatives for helping Ukraine in Sweden

There are multiple things happening around Mindpark when it comes to the war in Ukraina. We wanted to give an overview over options for people to help. The following things are relevant:

– Aid collection

– Information how volunteers can help in Sweden

– Coworking for Ukrainians in Sweden

– Organisations that help in Ukraine

Aid collection

There is collection at our Helsingborg space, for those that want to donate supplies. Opening ours and what is needed changes every week, so it is best to keep up to date by connection with the volunteers thru this Facebook page.

If you are looking for aid collection in other cities, you can ask in the Nordics group for local initiatives around where you are.

Information for volunteers in Sweden

Are you a Swedish person or living in Sweden, and want to help out in the current situation in Sweden? With anything from letting Ukrainians use a appartment, or helping them get a job? Then please watch the videos below. Here Dimitrij Aleshkov, a Ukrainian – swedish social entrepreneur talks about important details.
Information is in Swedish.

Below is a longer video, also in Swedish, with both background in what people can do, but also reflections about the current situation, and problems that can arrise on the future. This video is from an event the 5th of April 2022, together with Dimitrij Aleshkov at the Open Space at Mindpark in Helsingborg.

Here is also information in Ukrainian, about how it works when ukrainian refugee arrives to Sweden.

Coworking space for ukrainians

At Mindpark we always want to help out if we can. Besides the things above that people in our community have done, we are also opening two of our coworking spaces for people to use.

If you are an Ukrainian entrepreneur, we are offering coworking space for free for those who have fled from Ukraine. This is not done at all our locations, but at our location Malmö and Helsingborg! If you want to know more, contact Karsten at He can arrange with space and how to get started!

Besides this: are you a Ukrainian and want to use one of our spaces for an event or a gathering, we are always positive to such things. Please also write to Karsten about that, and he will see how we best can help.

Where to help out in Ukraine

If you want to support organisations and people in Ukraine, then there are a lot of option. Besides international organisations, around us there has also a new initiative emerged.

That is our friends at Beetroot, who have over 300 people employed in Ukraine, have started a started a charity and aid effort. If you want to support entrepreneurs who are active in Ukraine, this is a good way.

Read more here:

General advice

We hope this page has helped you gain some insights. If you are unsure of what to do or how, we have the general advice for you:

– Be proactive. Talk to your municipality and ask them to gather volunteers together.

– Monitor what local initiative you can be active in around you. Facebook is quite often a good channel for this.

– If you see a problem or challenge, try and see if you can find a solution yourself instead of hoping someone else will fix it. If you need officials to help out, follow up – they can be swamped with other things, so following up might be requeried to make sure it gets done.

This is a large crisis that will change how society develops. It is important that as many as possible are engaged in these times, and that the best possible outcome is achieved.