Wednesday 16/3/22, 12:37

Design with purpose: a meeting room for what you need

We know all about the magic that takes place in our meeting rooms, everything from lectures, interviews, brainstorming sessions, new business ideas, meeting with clients, creating and closing big contracts, etc. And we want them to be the perfect scenario for each of these unique moments.

Visual stimulation and especially colors have a strong impact on the way we feel, our mood, energy and productivity, that is why each of the meeting rooms in all of our locations has a unique designed tailored to what our coworkers are looking for. If you are still not sure what is the color and meeting room that best fits your needs, we are here to provide you with some always appreciated inspiration.

Blue rooms:
The blue hue of our meeting rooms are meant to create and intimate and calming environment for your teams or clients. Blue is associated with stability and reliability to built trust, allow people to focus and let ideas flow as seamingly as the waves of the summer ocean.

Green rooms:

If you want your meeting to encourage innovation, our small green meeting rooms should be your pick. With a strong connection to nature and all the life that takes place in it, the idea of growth is reflected in green shades that take place in the design. This feeling is also a conductive for brainstorming, collaboration and creativity whenever you need to fertilize your field of action.

Orange rooms:

We are sure our orange rooms can check everything in your wishlist. An orange space is dynamic, warm, and calming, with the power to transport you to the best summer days. These rooms are specially design to promote teamwork and make everyone inside feel comfortable.

Pink rooms:

If you are looking for a soothing yet playful and sophisticated environment for your next meeting our pink rooms might be the way to go. Pink spaces are meant to convey a calming energy that allow participants to open up about their thoughts and emotions.

….and more!

You can also find meeting rooms in our locations with different shades of yellow, purple, white, blue, green, and blue, all with their unique design fitted to your needs. Find out what each of the Mindparks has in store for you in each of the main sites! Helsingborg, Lund, Hyllie and Malmö.

Welcome to us for both productive and creative meetings!