Wednesday 2/3/22, 17:01

A Sustainable Tomorrow finds a home at Mindpark

We have decided to partner with a Sustainable Tomorrow and create Skåne’s first sustainability hub in Helsingborg . This long-term strategic collaboration creates a homebase for sustainability ideas to be nurtured and developed through new approaches and tools.

For us at Mindpark, since our early beginnings in 2007, we have always challenged standards and tested new solutions to move society forward in different ways. We are constantly striving to enable more collaborations and deeper dialogue to see ideas, people, and business grow and develop.

In many ways, this has meant working towards several of the sustainable development goals and making them a a top priority , especially when it comes to the SDG 17. For this reason, we want to make the best possible use of our spaces so that people with the same interests can meet and work together every day.

On the other hand, since the UN launched the Global Goals in 2015, A Sustainable Tomorrow has developed cross-border meeting and collaboration models based on the same goal number 17. The concept is now growing nationally through local hubs around the country and partnerships with the Nordic region’s largest sustainability arena, Nordic Sustainability Expo in Stockholm.

A Sustainable Tomorrow as an organization has become the best at meetings that make sustainability happen. In order to be able to further develop this, their collaboration with Mindpark has become key. We offer the facilities, the competence, and a daily contact with the companies and leaders of the future.

The sustainability hub will become a workshop and a laboratory to produce tomorrow’s answers to today’s questions and realize sustainable business ideas. And what better place to start than Helsingborg? All the exciting things happening around the H22 City Expo this year, makes our Helsingborg home the perfect scenario to kick off this collaboration. We are already a big part of a city and a community that has been praised for its sustainability work in several ocassions so lets make the most of it!

We are kicking off in March!
The hub will start operations already during the month of March, and then be stepped up with extra activities during H22. There is already a lot happening this spring, and it is noticeable that many do not just want to talk, but really want to create change. We have been reached out by lots of people that have expressed their great interest in the idea of having a place like this, where it is possible to work from and turn thoughts into action.

Halfway to 2030
The goal is to create the obvious place for everyone who works with sustainability to meet on a daily basis, something that is missing in Skåne today. Many professionals that work with sustainability have expressed the need for a platform to network with more people. At Mindpark we understand the great value that comes from sharing your thoughts, ideas and perspectives with others. And this precisely the aim we are looking for, a place to both be inspired, and share experiences.

Through a common hub, we are contributing to the sustainable development in the region that can hopefully be spread nationally. We also see this as an important “call to action” for all around us, since we are now halfway to 2030 and more cross-border collaborations are needed to achieve the sustainability goals.

This innitiave has been created by Bo Nilsson, founder of A Sustainable Tomorrow and Karsten Deppert, co-founder of Mindpark.

For more information, see here.