Friday 11/2/22, 07:40

Renewed spaces to park your mind

The new year is comming with a refreshed look for all of our coworking spaces! From the very start of 2022, we have been working on a new look for all of our locations. Our amazing new project manager and interior designer, Karolina Claesson has been working with the help of all of the managers at Mindpark to bring a new spark to the essence that makes each Mindpark unique.

For Karolina, the buildings and places the different Mindparks are located play a very important role when thinking and setting up the decor, but she has it very clear that the feeling should always be: “park your mind here!” Our coworking spaces are meant to be playful and happy places where people can meet, share with each other and get work done.

Despite of their different looks, all of our sites are meant to communicate the same feeling of the fun and creative mindset that Mindpark stands for. Even though our essence and values remain the same, the way this looks must evolve and grow continuously , as we love to do!

We are preparing for the big plans we know the future has in store for us, our Slagthuset home is all set with the last updates, and there are ongoing changes being done in Lund and Helsingborg; new furniture, decorations, colors and energy for our community to enjoy. Feel free to scout around and try to spot all the changes we have worked on!

If you want to know more, contact us or check out more information regarding Lund coworking, Helsingborg coworking, Malmö central coworking or Malmö Hyllie coworking.