Friday 10/9/21, 12:48

Meet Emelie at Mindpark Hyllie

Say hello to Emelie Andersson our new operations manager at Mindpark Hyllie! –>

So, how did you end up with us? 

Mindpark has a fun and creative vibe that appeals to me! This is a place and a job where I get to meet a lot of different people from a bunch of different industries. For me, this is an amazing outlet to access countless different skills. On top of that, key values for me like sustainability and openmindedness pervade the entire company, and at Hyllie I get to work with a super creative Bistro (ping Cindy Kragner!). 

Anything special you are looking forward to?

 Mindpark Hyllie opened just before the pandemic and now I’m eager to make Hyllie one of the best places to work from, together with my colleagues, our coworkers, and the other companies in the area. I look forward to filling the place with educational events, AW’s and yoga classes.

And talking about yoga, you can join Emelie’s physical yoga sessions at her Youtube Channel: Yoga med Emelie