Friday 13/8/21, 10:26

We help managing the future of work with the FLXwork concept

We know that companies are struggling with how to best handle work from home and from the office. We have partnered up with BoWork to provide a new and easily managed way for the future of office work.

We are back and full of exciting news to share. A short time away never means the fun truly stops. At Mindpark we believe in the importance of always staying one step ahead. These strange times have been the source of many challenges but also countless exciting opportunities.

Flexible working with both office, home, and other alternatives spaces requires both innovation and creativity to provide the tools and services needed to make it happen. For this reason, we have teamed up with BoWork to provide a solution that makes it easy to manage both home and remote offices. 

BoWork is a new company started by a deeply experienced team that provides employers with the possibility to offer attractive flexible solutions for their employees. They are focused on helping companies adjust and release their staff’s full potential when work flexibility is continuously becoming such a core value at the workplace. 

They have developed FLXwork – a service for all ways of working. This includes work units with folding desks that don’t need to be mounted, delivered to your home door; as well as access to different coworking spaces from different locations. And that is exactly where we come in! 

Together with BoWork we are enabling companies not just to make it easy to work from home. In addition, we are offering daily passes if you just need an office for a day, access to a printer, a meeting or conference room, or even a simple comfortable workspace away from home. With our partnership, BoWork’s clients get access to all of our convenient Mindpark locations. In doing so, we get to minimize the commuting hassle and they get to use the office facilities when it is most convenient.

We understand the future of work as we know it is being reshaped every day. The ability to transform, evolve and create strong meaningful connections with those around you, is the marker that will set companies apart from their competition. For this reason, Mindpark has partnered with BoWork. To learn more about this new venture be sure to take a look at BoWork’s website and keep a close look at our social media.