Friday 13/8/21, 12:32

A global buzz

The world is changing fast and it is important to be a part of it. We are glad to announce that we are joining a world community of working bees with the BeeRemote platform. 

This comprehensive solution is designed to help organizations attract top and diverse talent in a world where allowing employees to work remotely is becoming a basic perk. Working flexibility has not only proven to attract and retain more talent but also optimize the profitability of companies by reducing the elevated costs that come with keeping big office spaces.

This is an alternative that provides you with the perfect mix between WFH, HQ, and flex working with access to global benefits marketplace while keeping your teams engaged and connected. With BeeRemote, we at Mindpark are joining a hub of over 1000 working spaces around the globe working to built how the future of working should be experienced. 

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