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Marketing & communication internship

Internship at Mindpark

Do you love digital communication and want to grow your experience in the field? Mindpark is currently looking for two interns for this year.

This is an internship were you will be put in position of real-world experiences, working with one of the best coworking spaces in the Nordics*

You will be working directly with our founder and marketing expert Karsten Deppert. Besides that you will be surrounded by great people, that work in a lovely and creative environment.

The internship requires that you can spend at least 1 day a week. It can perfectly well be combined with studies.

Internship 2021

We are looking for two different people, for two different roles, to help us with our challenges. These are:

Social media focused role, helping us with:
– Making it easier for people interested in coworking, meetings and events to find us.
– Making our community, entreprenuers and companies around us more visible online
– Working with media and public relations in Sweden
– Social media campaigns

External relations focused role, helping us with:
– Highlighting interesting things that happen in our community
– Interviews and reporting on what happens at startups in the region
– Working with media and public relations both in- and outside Sweden

This means you will get to do things like:
– Social media campaigns
– SEO and search optimization
– Plan and make content for websites
– Branding and communication strategies
– Storytelling and profesional bloggposts

Who are you?

You do not need to have any prior experience. The goal during the internship is for you to learn the skills you need. Karsten has a background of teaching digital marketing classes, and will make sure you learn the appropriate skills.

We are looking for you who wants to get hands-on experience of digital communication from a business point of view. It is a big plus if you love being in an entrepreneurial, loving and somewhat chaotic environment. We aim for having a balance between structure, order and creativity, and believe that in this mix people develop the most.

These internships are unpayed.

What do former interns think?

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this internship and giving me the opportunity to learn from you. It was a pleasure working with you and I enjoyed every moment at Mindpark. With all the constant support and the freedom to work on the accounts and guidance, I learnt a lot. “

Naina, who did an internship 2020

Futher information

The internship is start during april / may 2021 and lasts 7 month, with a break for summer.

You can be based in Helsingborg, Lund or Malmö.

Sounds interesting? Send an application no later then the 18th april to:

*the best coworking space in the nordics.