Monday 2/11/20, 07:15

Feedback from coworkers on our community

A post about digital community and insights into how we are performing

We have done a survey about two things in our community:

– How should we communicate digitally
– What do they think about us and their experience of being at our coworking locations

Why care about our community?

The part about where we communicate has come into light because we currently use Facebook. Facebook has however gotten a lot of criticism, for not taking their responsibility as a global actor. We therefor wondered if there was a good and preferred alternative.

Lessons from previous experiments with digital communities is that you need to be where people are. Trying to get people to use a platform where they are not already is very hard. Therefor we asked three questions:

– Where are you active today
– Where would you prefer our community to be
– Where would you definitely not want our community to be

The insights where the following

The conclusion of these are that Facebook is the most used. Slack is the most disliked plattform. LinkedIn is the second most used plattform and the least disliked.

We have decided to keep our community on Facebook for the while being at least, but to see if LinkedIn can be a good use as well. It could definitly be possible to set up LinkedIn as well, for the while being, and use two.

It is clear however that Slack and MS Teams are not good alternatives for us at this time.

Second part: how do we perform?

The second part, about what coworkers think about us, is because we want to know what impact we make.

This was two rather simple questions: have be made your life better, and would you recommend us to others.

These questions where choosen as the first one, if we make peoples lifes better, is the most important for us. Do we acutally contribut to a happier, more meaningful and better society. If we improve peoples live, then we atleast do parts of that.

The second one is for being able to calculat a Net Promoter Score. This is mostly to be able to compare results over time, and something we have not done before (se we thought might be a good idea to start).

The results where as follows.

That 50 of the 57 respondents think we improve their lifes made us very happy.

On a Net Promoter Score we scored 38 for all our locations combined. This number is hard to compare with others – as we could not find anyone who has published their NPS values for coworking spaces. In general, anything above 30 is deemed as good, so we will say we are happy with this – but will strive to improve it for the future!

We also saw that the NPS value was different between the different locations (Helsingborg, Lund, Hyllie, Malmö and E-commerce Park). However, as the sample size is not that big, we decided to focus on the combined value, instead of each separate one.

We are very thankful for everyone who has contributed, and everyone who makes our community as good as it is!

Do you have further feedback or ideas, let us know, or email Karsten: