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There are multiple things happening around Mindpark when it comes to the war in Ukraina. We wanted to give an overview over options for people to help. The following things are relevant:

– Aid collection

– Information how volunteers can help in Sweden

– Coworking for Ukrainians in Sweden

– Organisations that help in Ukraine

Aid collection

There is collection at our Helsingborg space, for those that want to donate supplies. Opening ours and what is needed changes every week, so it is best to keep up to date by connection with the volunteers thru this Facebook page.

If you are looking for aid collection in other cities, you can ask in the Nordics group for local initiatives around where you are.

Information for volunteers in Sweden

Are you a Swedish person or living in Sweden, and want to help out in the current situation in Sweden? With anything from letting Ukrainians use a appartment, or helping them get a job? Then please watch the videos below. Here Dimitrij Aleshkov, a Ukrainian – swedish social entrepreneur talks about important details.
Information is in Swedish.

Below is a longer video, also in Swedish, with both background in what people can do, but also reflections about the current situation, and problems that can arrise on the future. This video is from an event the 5th of April 2022, together with Dimitrij Aleshkov at the Open Space at Mindpark in Helsingborg.

Here is also information in Ukrainian, about how it works when ukrainian refugee arrives to Sweden.

Coworking space for ukrainians

At Mindpark we always want to help out if we can. Besides the things above that people in our community have done, we are also opening two of our coworking spaces for people to use.

If you are an Ukrainian entrepreneur, we are offering coworking space for free for those who have fled from Ukraine. This is not done at all our locations, but at our location Malmö and Helsingborg! If you want to know more, contact Karsten at karsten@mindpark.se. He can arrange with space and how to get started!

Besides this: are you a Ukrainian and want to use one of our spaces for an event or a gathering, we are always positive to such things. Please also write to Karsten about that, and he will see how we best can help.

Where to help out in Ukraine

If you want to support organisations and people in Ukraine, then there are a lot of option. Besides international organisations, around us there has also a new initiative emerged.

That is our friends at Beetroot, who have over 300 people employed in Ukraine, have started a started a charity and aid effort. If you want to support entrepreneurs who are active in Ukraine, this is a good way.

Read more here: beetroot.co/aid-for-ukraine/

General advice

We hope this page has helped you gain some insights. If you are unsure of what to do or how, we have the general advice for you:

– Be proactive. Talk to your municipality and ask them to gather volunteers together.

– Monitor what local initiative you can be active in around you. Facebook is quite often a good channel for this.

– If you see a problem or challenge, try and see if you can find a solution yourself instead of hoping someone else will fix it. If you need officials to help out, follow up – they can be swamped with other things, so following up might be requeried to make sure it gets done.

This is a large crisis that will change how society develops. It is important that as many as possible are engaged in these times, and that the best possible outcome is achieved.

We are giving an open call to all those that want to join us in this amazing opportunity!

H22 City Expo is an international event created by the city of Helsingborg that will take place from May 30 to July 3, 2022.  

Through this event, Helsingborg is inviting the world to explore the newest innovations and the smartest ideas for a city that puts people and planet first. A spectacular innovation show for all ages! The city is becoming an urban hub bubbling with tomorrow’s smart solutions, music, events, hackathons, lectures, and so much more. And you can be a part of it!

At our Mindpark home in Helsingborg, the biggest innovation house in the Nordics; we will be hosting several events, together with local businesses, non-profit organisations, and academia. We love creativity and testing new ideas because we believe that together we can achieve reality-based change that makes a real difference.

Host events during H22 at Mindpark

Right now we are doing a call out to all those restless and curious minds around to join us in this journey. Do you have any experiences or advice that you would like to share? Have you been working with an art project and you are looking for a platform to showcase it? Do you have a workshop in mind that you would like to try out? The possibilities are endless! 

Examples of what can could be done during H22

If you are not sure how to share your idea, but still want to be a part of this amazing innitiative, we already have several existing formats that will play out and you are welcome to be a part of!

Hackathons: our facilities are made for hackathons! We have hosted numerous during the years, and if you are planning to host a hackathon or other bigger event, contact us for seeing what dates are still available! 

Project office: During the H22 City Expo a lot of things are happening. If you are representing an organisation that doesn’t have it’s own office in central Helsingborg, we have facilities that can be used as temporary project offices before and during the Expo! Either private offices for multiple people, or desks at our coworking space

Also: the Open22 collaboration

Open22 is a special edition of our Open Space. Just as usual any organisation that wants to create a non profit event can use our Open Space facilities free of charge. This is an excelent opportunity for you who want to host an event or activity – for example – related to the creative industry, entrepreneurship, or sustainability. 

Lunch Talks: Eating is always a good excuse to get together. Our Lunch Talks usually take place at the big stairs by our cafe around noon. Why not use this time to either learn something new or share your ideas in a fun casual way? Share your ideas and we will book a space for you.

We have had tons of lunch talks some of the most recent ones include: How not to make a short film in Helsingborg (Hussain Currimbhoy), Storytelling, voice variation, improvisation and public speaking (Ricardo Koanuka), How AI can promote gender equality (Moa Persdotter) and so much more!

Pop-up counseling: Right now we have experts in law, tech, entrepreneurship, communication, accounting, international connections in Helsingborg and so much more sharing their knowledge and advice to all those interested. We call this “Open Sessions”, that can take place either in a digital or physical format. If groups are not your forte, this one-on-one sessions might be the platform for you to share your experience.

Exhibition booth: Mindparks indoor facilities are open and staffed all weekdays during the entire H22 City Expo. Do you want to host a booth or exhibition during the Expo? Let us know and we will share what we still have available.

Reach out to us as soon as possible either to share your idea or ask any question you may have about the activities we have planned so far. We know our community is filled with wonderful passionate people and we want the world to see it!

For more info or questions please contact madeleine@mindpark.se

How it started

Around seven months ago we started to experiment with the concept of co-pass to bring coworking and distance work to a new level. We wanted to bring the community closer together and integrate local businesses into our venture.

The initiative was to have one app and one membership, where users could check into any of our partner locations (seven local coffee shops and restaurants in Helsingborg) and enjoy unlimited coffee, wifi, and breakfast (if the membership allowed it) while working. The idea was initially shared through a blog post on the Mindpark website that included a form and instructions for new users to sign up. The post was shared through the different social media platforms and newsletters to reach as much of possible of the community around Mindpark.

What happened

It didn’t take long to detect the first need: Maybe the instructions were not so clear. As a response, a video was created detailing step by step process and shared on social media. It was a live-action video recorded at one of the locations that included motion graphic instructions with music. It is important to highlight that at this point, businesses were not “working as usual” due to restrictions related to covid. After the video was posted, the summer months came along and the activity level went down. 

Back in August, restrictions were being loosened up and it was time to pick it up again. The first effort in the agenda was to run a brief diagnosis of the situation so far. There were two external users (outside Mindpark coworkers) that had been sporadically active during the previous months and one that claimed to be interested but hadn’t been active. The coffee shops and restaurants were losing interest since they hadn’t really seen much activity related to Co-pass.

Five interviews with both venues and users were carried out to get their perspectives. They all agreed that it was an attractive initiative but that it wasn’t so clearly thought out. Several issues were detected from different ends:

– There need to be more physical visual signs at the venues for people to identify and learn what the initiative is about.

– Staff at the venues need to be better informed of the initiative to be able to provide a pleasant user experience. The experience should be consistent across venues.

– What is included in the membership and how does it work from both the venue and the user perspective needs to be further clarified and broken down.

– The breakfast option seems to be a challenge since it is a different option with a different value that is not available in all of the venues. Also, no one has shown explicit interest in it.

-The added value of the membership is not clear for the stakeholders

What we did

As a result, a number of actions were taken in response to these needs. It started with a communication strategy draft that (besides actions) outlined specific objectives and key messages that needed to be taken into account throughout the process.


Increase the level of awareness of the co-pass service within the Helsingborg co-working community by 50% (indicator: number of inquiries about co-pass within the period of the campaign)

Increase the number of active service users up to 10 by the end of the year 2021. (Starting at 0 current active users)

Key messages:

– Become a part of our ever-growing coworking community.

– With co-pass you can take your distance working to the next level.

The main actions taken were:

– Flexible work made simple

-Re-writing the general description of the concept on the website, adding relevant details that were not previously explained, reducing the price of the membership options, and renaming the breakfast alternative as “Co-pass premium”.

-Creating a branding guide that was easy to identify and connect to the Mindpark brand. A recognizable logo was created along with a treatment of the different elements, colors, and fonts.

-Printed material: 4 different elements were designed, printed and distributed among the different venues. 2 types of stickers, one with just the logo and another one with the logo and a QR code to redirect users to the mindpark.se/co-pass for more information, one A3 poster and one A5 table stand presenting the concept, the venues, and the QR code.

-A social media plan draft that included posts texts, the different channels, dates, and actions to take for the rest of the year. The content was mostly shared as still images on Facebook and Linkedin and as animated stories on Instagram (@mindparkhbg) later stored on a story highlight for users to revisit. The topics of the posts were:

Rebranding post: a general reminder of the concept

What’s included?: a breakdown list of the perks included in the membership

How does it work?: a step by step guide on how to use the service

October super deal: a monthly discount from 790kr to 495kr to test how users react to a different price range (got no response)

Why co-pass?: a video to highlight the added value of the service for the users

After a few more weeks a new effort was made to share free access to the service with the existing Mindpark coworker community in Helsingborg with the aim to “the word out”.

The results

Social media was able to collect positive feedback and reactions from the content created but it didn’t translate into active sign-ups and users. Maybe due to the lack of new movement and users at the locations, the effort to reach out to the venues, share the printed material, follow up and talk with the staff, the response and engagement from the cafes and restaurants were minimum. Several of the locations claimed to have lost or misplaced the printed material, and the information was never properly shared with the entire staff. It was clear the interest wasn’t strong enough.

During this process, the social media plan, the amount and type of content to be created needed to be altered in order to include other communication priorities of the Mindpark group, reducing exposure further. After a few months with no new sign-ups, a final new effort to attract new users was made, prioritizing exposure over potential profit. A direct email inviting Mindpark coworkers in Helsingborg to use the app for free and “share the experience with colleagues and friends” was sent out. A three-week period was given to wait for new results that translated into two new sign-ups and one expression of interest.

What we learned

Approaching December, a decision was made to “phase out” the initiative with the year and deactivate the app by the start of 2022. This experience was a very interesting way of understanding how a nice idea, with the seemingly right logic behind it, sometimes is just not enough. 

Co-pass as we thought it, was appealing for most stakeholders but there was something missing for them to take the extra step and engage with it. We learned that it wasn’t a matter of price, lack of information, or lack of opportunity. Maybe it was something behind it, on the DNA of the idea that needs to be tweaked in order to move from nice to tangible success. Maybe it just wasn’t the right time and place and the idea needs to go to sleep for a while to wake up again reimagined.

Skillnaden mellan coworking och kontorshotell

Coworking är ett nytt begrepp sedan 2005 men det innebär inte att man enbart delar på olika kostnader. Här handlar det mer om att generera miljöer som skapar förutsättningar för samarbeten och att dela erfarenheter med varandra. Vi använder ordet coworking mest men är samtidigt ett kontorshotell. Nedan kan du läsa mer om kontorshotell och dess fördelar.

Är kontorshotell rätt för er?

Att allt fler företag väljer att flytta in på kontorshotell idag är en trend som kommer att fortsätta att öka. Vad innebär det rent konkret och vilka fördelar medför det? Vi på Mindpark klargör frågetecken och vi berättar även om våra lösningar för er och ert företag.  

Vad är ett kontorshotell?

Precis som det låter så är det ett hotell för kontor. Det innebär att man erbjuder företag att hyra möblerade kontorsplatser som tillhandahåller kringtjänster som reception, WiFi, kök, lounger, fria utskrifter, IT-support och kaffe till en fast månadskostnad. Som företag slipper man oväntade extrautgifter och man binder inte upp sig på långa kontrakt. Oavsett vad man är ute efter vistas man i en god arbetsmiljö där man kan arbeta effektivt och ostört. 

Fördelarna är många och här är Mindparks fem viktigaste

Bättre ekonomi

Tillsammans står vi enade i förhandlingar med leverantörer när alla delar på produkter och tjänster som kaffe och lokalvård. Vi sparar pengar genom att dela på gemensamma ytor och resurser. Ni vinner även kundernas förtroende och skapar tillgänglighet genom att ha kontor mitt i stan. 


Att erbjuda kontorsplatser i olika storlekar gör det lätt för er att expandera med korta bindningstider. Tryggt, långsiktigt och flexibelt!


En hållbar värld börjar i vardagen! Tillsammans kan vi göra skillnad genom att vi minskar på både spill och överkonsumtion av olika kontors-och städmaterial. Vi hjälps vi åt i miljöarbetet och skapar en plats där vi gör skillnad. 


Att flytta verksamheten till något av våra kontorshotell innebär att ni blir en del av vårt härliga community. Dagliga frukostar och veckovisa AW:s innebär att ni får en naturlig mötesplats att utbyta idéer, kunskaper och information med andra medlemmar. 


En social arbetsmiljö skapar nya affärs- och samarbetsmöjligheter tack vare att olika branscher möter och kompletterar varandra. Kontorshotell skapar möjligheten att möta människor från olika branscher med olika bakgrund och tillsammans skapa glädje och bli inspirerade utav varandra. 

Så fungerar kontorshotell på Mindpark

Vi erbjuder kontor- & konferensrumslösningar för uthyrning i LundMalmö och Helsingborg!

Vi har kontor i varierande storlekar och det finns möjlighet att hyra enskilda kontor men även flertalet sammankopplade kontorsrum, beroende på vad ni och ert team behöver.

En kontorslösning hos oss ger er även tillgång till alla våra coworkingytor, konferens- och mötesrum, kök och takterrass men även andra tjänster som WiFi, skrivare, posthantering på samtliga kontorshotell. I hyran ingår även IT-support, reception, städning och annat gott och blandat så att ni slipper tänka på tidskrävande och kostsamma kringtjänster. 

Vi låter ert företag växa och fokusera på er kärnverksamhet och vi tar hand om er. En kontorslösning på Mindpark skapar gemenskap, relationer och en fungerande vardag. Detta tack vare vår fantastiska service och personligt bemötande av vår personal som ser till att just ni ska känna er som hemma!

Vad ingår i Mindparks medlemskap?

Att vara en del av ett Mindpark gör att du även kan använda alla våra andra platser, om du behöver arbeta därifrån ibland! Detta gäller inte bara att ha en arbetsplats, utan även mötesrum – du kan lika lätt ha access till mötesrum på alla våra platser, som på ditt “hemma” Mindpark. 

Vi vill göra det lätt att driva affärer i Skåne och detta är ett sätt för oss att underlätta för er. Självklart ingår även kaffet på alla våra platser!

Du kan läsa mer om våra olika medlemskap här!

Boka visning av våra kontorsutrymmen

Ni är varmt välkommna att boka en visning hos oss på Mindpark. Ring oss på 0424 – 24 04 32   alternativt skicka e-post till malin@mindpark.se

Ni hittar fler bilder från våra kontorshotell och information i våra sociala medier; Intsagram, Linkedin och Facebook

Vi ses på Mindpark! 

We know that companies are struggling with how to best handle work from home and from the office. We have partnered up with BoWork to provide a new and easily managed way for the future of office work.

We are back and full of exciting news to share. A short time away never means the fun truly stops. At Mindpark we believe in the importance of always staying one step ahead. These strange times have been the source of many challenges but also countless exciting opportunities.

Flexible working with both office, home, and other alternatives spaces requires both innovation and creativity to provide the tools and services needed to make it happen. For this reason, we have teamed up with BoWork to provide a solution that makes it easy to manage both home and remote offices. 

BoWork is a new company started by a deeply experienced team that provides employers with the possibility to offer attractive flexible solutions for their employees. They are focused on helping companies adjust and release their staff’s full potential when work flexibility is continuously becoming such a core value at the workplace. 

They have developed FLXwork – a service for all ways of working. This includes work units with folding desks that don’t need to be mounted, delivered to your home door; as well as access to different coworking spaces from different locations. And that is exactly where we come in! 

Together with BoWork we are enabling companies not just to make it easy to work from home. In addition, we are offering daily passes if you just need an office for a day, access to a printer, a meeting or conference room, or even a simple comfortable workspace away from home. With our partnership, BoWork’s clients get access to all of our convenient Mindpark locations. In doing so, we get to minimize the commuting hassle and they get to use the office facilities when it is most convenient.

We understand the future of work as we know it is being reshaped every day. The ability to transform, evolve and create strong meaningful connections with those around you, is the marker that will set companies apart from their competition. For this reason, Mindpark has partnered with BoWork. To learn more about this new venture be sure to take a look at BoWork’s website and keep a close look at our social media.

Looking for info in English? Check out this page!

Funderar du på att starta företag? Kul!

Välkommen till vår sida som samlar information kring hur du startar företag och var du kan hitta information och resurser. Här har vi samlat saker för dig som funderar på att dra igång din enga firma eller projekt, och vill veta mer samt hitta inspiration.

Mindpark är en samling av många olika företag och personer, som drivit både små och stora verksamheter, inom nästan alla branscher du kan tänka dig. Här har vi samlat olika insikter och tips kring företagande, baserad på allt det som hänt på Mindpark under dessa år.

Hur startar jag ett företag?

Tillväxtverket har information och tjänster för dig som ska starta företag. På verksamt.se samlar de service och information från flera myndigheter på samma plats. Allt för att göra det enklare att starta och driva företag.

Skatt, arbetsgivaravgift, bolagsform och andra saker att ha koll på om du vill starta företag. Här hittar du en kompakt och to-the-point föreläsning på svenska om det, från en av våra grundare, Karsten Deppert.

Det görs även öppna informationsträffar från Skatteverket, på många olika delar. Dessa kan vara mycket bra att kolla in, speciellt om det är visa saker du vill veta mer om! informationsträffar görs även på olika platser ibland, ett bra tillfälle för att fråga personer från Skatteverket om du har frågor kring något.

Affärsrådgivning och coaching

Behöver du tips och råd kring att konkretisera din affärsidé, så rekommendera vi att prata med Nyföretagarcentrum. De har bra rådgivning av personer som själva driver eller har drivit företag. Rådgivning hos dem är kostnadsfritt.

Nyföretagacentrum finns runt om i landet, och har bland annat också ett kontor i Helsingborg på Mindpark.

Är du student, kan du vända dig till VentureLab (Lunds Universitet) eller Drivhuset (Malmö Universitet) för kostnadsfri rådgivning.

Det finns även andra mer lokala aktörer, så som stiftelsen Nyföretagarcenter Syd, som är aktiv i delar av Skåne.

Nätverk för dig som vill starta företag

Det finns en rad olika nätverk i Skåne om du ska dra igång ditt företag. Digitalt kan vi rekommendera följande, som är facebook grupper för företagande:

Utöver det finns det träffar så som StartupDojo som görs av FooCafé på Goto10 på Mindpark i Malmö. Dessa är väldigt bra att besöka om du vill träffa andra som startar företag, och få tankar och svar på frågor och utmaningar.

Tips och tricks kring att driva företag

Vill du ha tips och tricks från olika företagare, så rekommenderar vi denna serie som gjordes under 2019 på uppdrag av RISE: starta en startup. Även om serien heter att starta en startup, har det fokus kring att starta företag generellt, med massa bra tips.

Hela serien är intervjuer med många olika företagare och experter, som ger konkreta tips kring visa delar. Det rör allt från att affärsutveckla ihop med kunder och konkurrenter, när man inte är överens till att gå i konkurs.

Vår grundare Karsten Deppert har även gjort flera seminarier kring företagande. Här är ett där han går igenom skatter och perspektiv kring vilket bolagstyp som är bra att välja:

Letar du efter information kring starta en e-handel?

Vår syster-site, E-commerce Park of Sweden, har allt du behöver veta kring starta en e-handel! Bland annat följande:

DIGITALA KURSER INOM E-HANDEL: Över 100 bolag har gått kurserna. Se alla kurser

LAGERYTA OCH OUTSOURCING : E-commerce Park och dess del, E3PL Logistics, en tredjepartslogistik leverantör som riktar sig till små och medelstora ehandlare. E3PL tar hand om allt runt lagerhanteringen så du kan göra annat för att få bolaget att växa.

SVERGIES ENDA E-HANDELSINKUBATOR i E-commerce Park : e-handelsinkubatorn får företag och webbutiker att växa snabbare. Ansök idag till e-handelsinkubatorn.

Vad är inkubator eller accelerator?

Ibland hör man om inkubatorer eller acceleratorer, om man ska starta företag. Dessa kan vara relevanta för dig, men det beror lite på.

En inkubator kan vara bra för dig om du vill starta en affärsidé som är skalbar och ska vara mer än en konsultverksamhet

En accelerator är relevant för dig om du redan är igång, men vill skala din affärsidé mer och större, både nationellt och internationellt.

I Skåne finns det en rad olika sådana. I Malmö finns Fast Track Malmö, och Drivhuset (Drivhuset är för studenter endat). i Lund Smile Incubator (inriktning healthtech), VentureLab (för studenter vid Lund Universitet) och i Helsingborg finns E-commerce inkubatorn samt Programmet (tidigare Think Accelerator).

Hur fungerar det med investerare?

FINANSIERING OCH FÖRETAG: Som företagare kan du söka finansiellt stöd från din region eller från Tillväxtverket för bland annat investeringar, transporter och konsultkostnader. Företag har också möjlighet att söka lån och riskkapital från olika aktörer. Om du har en traditionell verksamhet kan det vara värt att prata med Connet, men annars är det att prata med affärsänglar direkt som är bästa sättet.

Vill du veta hur det fungerar med investeringar i Startups i Norden, så rekommenderar vi denna artikel med mycket insikter:

Starta företag under Corona?

Att starta ett företag under en pandemi är speciellt. Här hittar du information kring det, och vad som är bra och dåligt med det.

A post about digital community and insights into how we are performing

We have done a survey about two things in our community:

– How should we communicate digitally
– What do they think about us and their experience of being at our coworking locations

Why care about our community?

The part about where we communicate has come into light because we currently use Facebook. Facebook has however gotten a lot of criticism, for not taking their responsibility as a global actor. We therefor wondered if there was a good and preferred alternative.

Lessons from previous experiments with digital communities is that you need to be where people are. Trying to get people to use a platform where they are not already is very hard. Therefor we asked three questions:

– Where are you active today
– Where would you prefer our community to be
– Where would you definitely not want our community to be

The insights where the following

The conclusion of these are that Facebook is the most used. Slack is the most disliked plattform. LinkedIn is the second most used plattform and the least disliked.

We have decided to keep our community on Facebook for the while being at least, but to see if LinkedIn can be a good use as well. It could definitly be possible to set up LinkedIn as well, for the while being, and use two.

It is clear however that Slack and MS Teams are not good alternatives for us at this time.

Second part: how do we perform?

The second part, about what coworkers think about us, is because we want to know what impact we make.

This was two rather simple questions: have be made your life better, and would you recommend us to others.

These questions where choosen as the first one, if we make peoples lifes better, is the most important for us. Do we acutally contribut to a happier, more meaningful and better society. If we improve peoples live, then we atleast do parts of that.

The second one is for being able to calculat a Net Promoter Score. This is mostly to be able to compare results over time, and something we have not done before (se we thought might be a good idea to start).

The results where as follows.

That 50 of the 57 respondents think we improve their lifes made us very happy.

On a Net Promoter Score we scored 38 for all our locations combined. This number is hard to compare with others – as we could not find anyone who has published their NPS values for coworking spaces. In general, anything above 30 is deemed as good, so we will say we are happy with this – but will strive to improve it for the future!

We also saw that the NPS value was different between the different locations (Helsingborg, Lund, Hyllie, Malmö and E-commerce Park). However, as the sample size is not that big, we decided to focus on the combined value, instead of each separate one.

We are very thankful for everyone who has contributed, and everyone who makes our community as good as it is!

Do you have further feedback or ideas, let us know, or email Karsten: karsten@mindpark.se

At Mindpark we are proud about our community. We are happy to have created places where people are open-minded, happy to share knowledge and to help each-other out.

We believe strongly in empowerment and co-creation. And that is something which we embrace not just within our own organization, but also the entire community.

What is Mindparks community?

For us the community is about the people that engage and are our places. This means of course all the coworkers, but also all former coworkers, who for different reasons have moved on, often to create bigger businesses. But it is also about everyone that is a guest at events held at our places, or just uses our open spaces to sit and work, or study, from.

“Meet awesome people! Get inspired by others, start your own company that you always dreamed of and make the world a better place! You can start all that at Mindpark. It’s a life changing experience.”

Iman Ghajar

Besides being part of events, the community is the strongest online. There we have different groups, where people share ideas, ask for help or just post funny GIFs…

Meetups, events and trips

Besides being part of our spaces, we also do trips and events for our community. Such as the by now famous Camp Ven. Or the cowork-away trips.

Helping each other

We believe helping each other is one of the most important things about a community.

“You are a big inspiration. I wonder if I really had been where I am today if it would not be for Mindparks community, people and the spaces.”

Fredrik Hansson, Swescan

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You may have heard the term before, but if you’re not working in the technology industry, you are probably wondering: What is a hackathon? Hackathons bring people together, with a technical background to solve a problem or develop new ideas by forming teams on site.

Meaning of hackathon?

A hackathon means that programmers meet for a short time to collaborate on a project. Although, it may not result in a ready-to-use product, it is an effective way to develop one or more concepts that seem promising. It is also a good opportunity for the participants to exchange experiences and a good opportunity to make new contacts.

What do you do at a hackathon?

It usually starts with a pitch where you present your idea you want to complete. It will be the starting point of the hackathon and also an introduction for all participants.

The most important part of the hackathon is, of course, the hacking itself. To “hack” something means that you have to be creative and innovative to find shortcuts and reach the goals, preferably with a personal “twist”. It requires that the participants have an open mind and a strong knowledge about the subject as hackathons is an intellectual challenge,. Working together in a team with individuals with different backgrounds therefore creates the best conditions for a good hackathon.

All hackathons end with a demo as the purpose is to build something in a short time. You want to test the idea, implement a change of some kind or just show how good you are at something.

Three benefits of participating in a hackathon

  • Participation is a fantastic learning experience and offers a unique chance to build a large network
  • The opportunity to meet other programmers and to expand their IT-skills, is also very educational.
  • Company hackathons encourage employees to innovate, promote team building and provide opportunities for collaboration between their own departments

Our venues

Mindpark have over the years been home to many different events and hackathons. We are happy to host events that help people connect and new innovations to take form.

We offer both smaller rooms that teams can use, as well as bigger venues for gathering all participants. And of course – we offer a great creative atmosphere, out of the ordinary!

If you’re interested in hosting a hackathon, please let us know.

Also, if you would like to read more about our amazing hackathons at Mindpark, see below.