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Näringslivspolitisk debatt på Mindpark

Den 9 september kl. 12.05 kommer Peter Danielsson (M) och Mikael Skoog (S) till Mindpark för att debattera lokal näringslivspolitik. Peter Danielsson är kommunstyrelsens ordförande och leder nu den treklöverkoalition (moderaterna, folkpartiet och kristdemokraterna) som styr Helsingborg i minoritet. Mikael Skoog är kommunstyrelsens vice ordförande i Helsingborg. Debatten kommer hållas på Mindparks bottenvåning och modereras av Sten-Åke Tjärnlund som tidigare bl.a. har varit näringslivs- och marknadsdirektör i Helsingborg. Debatten kommer pågå till ca 12.55 och efteråt finns det möjlighet att mingla och ställa frågor till våra två inbjudna politiker.   Eventet finns på Facebook. Varmt välkommen!

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Cash is no longer King!

From this week we will no longer accept cash in our cafe. We have switched to a card only payment system by iZettle. This is something we have discussed for a couple of years, but first really implemented now. We have the last couple of years seen a steady increase of card transactions. When we started to accept cards in 2010, they accounted for roughly 50% of the transactions. Last year they accounted for over 80%. Why? Our reasons and thoughts on why we changed to a card only payment solution. It saves a lot of time for our staff,…

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An amazing year at Mindpark – 2013/2014

This is a blogpost about Mindpark itself – about how we want to build the best co-working community for single-, small-businesses and startups. By sharing what we do and have done we hope to reach even further, inspire other and also get feedback that will help us learn and do better. One of the principles we value a lot is transparency. We therefore thought it could be interesting to tell some numbers from the past 12 month, as well as some insight and lessons learned from running the professional business community that is Mindpark. The figures are not entirely accurate…

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