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THINK incubator becomes Swedens first lean startup incubator

Recently the THINK incubator, which has some of it’s offices here in the Mindpark co-working community, announced that they will become the first public incubator to focus fully on the lean startup principles, a new way of managing companies that helps them focus on growth. A new way to manage companies The lean startup movement has gained a lot of traction during this decade, and has been recognised as a management principle that enables the development of growing companies. What started with the lean manufacturing method, has in recent years been developed into a management style for companies and startups,…

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Help decide what information Helsingborg should release – your chance at the open data meetup

Next week the first Öppna helsingborg event will be held here at Mindpark, in our CreativeLab eventspace. This is a very interesting and exciting event – the city of Helsingborg will be here and have a session about what data should be published online in the future. Already the group has received 60 suggestions and votes for what to release, but during the session itself more will be discussed. Why open data – and what to do with it? Open data is about taking the information that the city has and making it accesable to the public. This does not…

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Print in 3D – ‘mini factory’ concept tested here at Mindpark

We are proud to be one of the two places that Storbildsbolaget have chosen to host their current experimental 3D printing shop – a technology that lets anyone manufacture real objects in plastics, on-demand. 3D printing is still a new technology, something that we have tested ourselves in a smaller scale at the CreativeLab as well. However, Storbildsbolaget aims to make it bigger – and mainstream. Their goal is simple. With some special high-grade 3D printing equipment, they have set up a temporary shop here at Mindpark, where anyone can stop by and ‘print’ models – anything from custom-made jewelry,…

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Mindparks Communication Manual

This is a post by Veronika, who was deeply involved in the re-branding process and the process of establishing Mindparks communication manual and the communication canvas. Let me start by introducing myself. My name is Veronika Chromik and I am founder of the communication agency nika communication. Several months ago I had a chat with Karsten Deppert who’d been thinking that Mindpark (back then Ship) was in need of a communication manual in order to grow and organize their communication efforts. A very interesting project in my mind, said and done, of course I’ll take this project! Communication manual in…

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